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PostSubject: =CIG= COD4 S&D TOURNAMENT   Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:27 am



If you plan on taking part in the CIG COD4 S&D Tournament you must read all rules and fully understand them. Breaking a rule and then claiming you didn’t know about it will not allow you to be let off as this information has been available from since the opening date for registration. We estimate a late September start for this tournament depending on how many teams enter and the amount of organisation involved.


PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION FOR THIS TOURNAMENT ENDS 31st AUGUST 2009. REGISTRATIONS AFTER THIS TIME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Each individual person must only be a member of one team (no dual teaming). Each team will consist of 5 players with 1 sub. There is no limit on the amount of teams a clan can enter but as said above a team is not allowed to have players already in a team. Each team must supply their team name they must submit all their players GUID’s these can be obtained by opening console and entering the following: pressing shift + ~ and then inputting /pb_list. This is to cut down on hacking and to check for previous Punk Buster related violations. In addition there can only be one captain per team, the captain must be marked with a (C) or similar to allow for recognition. Upon registration you must have decided who your captain is and there must also be a contact e-mail address for at least the captain and one or more members in that team so that amendments to the rules and/or other information can be forwarded on in a timely fashion. Failure to comply with these requests may result in your entry into the tournament being delayed or denied.


Clan Name:

Player Names and GUID’s:

Preferred Scrimming Times/Days:

Submit Registrations to

Once your entry into the tournament is confirmed you will be contacted via email.


This tournament will be based on the single elimination format. It’s simple, lose 1 match and you are out. Winners continue advancing forwards within the tournament playing other winners until a champion is determined. The tournament will be best of 3 maps on the Search & Destroy game mode. Maps will be: vacant, strike and crossfire. It is recommended that a minimum of 5 players be in the server 5 minutes before the official start of the game because if a full team is not in the server by 5 minutes past the official start time then that team forfeit’s the match and the game will be counted as a loss to the team that did not attend and a win for those who did.


All captains will be given their games via email for the week on the Sunday before the week starts. Each team’s captain that has a team still remaining in the tournament will be emailed a day/date, time, server IP and password. These dates are not flexible and as follows, teams must have a full side playing within 5 minutes of the designated start time. If you simply cannot make a full team on a given day, you may appeal back for an extension however this MUST be done ASAP! This is because both captains have to agree as well as CIG administration. If you email that you cannot make it on the game day or the day before, it’s likely your request will be ignored outright.


Team captains will be the only ones allowed to speak through global chat to signal that their team is ready and that the beginning of the match should take place. Other than that the only time people are allowed to use it is to congratulate each other on a game well played. Team chat can be used by anyone although all teams should be made aware that the server may be monitored via rcon on top of the 2 judges within the server which would mean team chat would be visible.


We will strive to make judging as impartial as possible. Each team is free to bring in their own non-playing representative to watch over the match to create an even more impartial system. A judge of a match will not be a member of any of the teams playing in that game. At the very least there will always be one CIG judge and one non CIG judge governing the game.


The rules which govern the server on a day to day basis will be exactly the same except for a few changes:

• Be respectful to all players. This means do not swear, use racist or sexist comments. Rule of thumb – Treat others as you would like to be treated.

• Martyrdom is forbidden on our servers this will remain in effect for the competition so please remove it before entering.

• Adult natured material is forbidden on our servers.

• Offensive names (religious or otherwise) are forbidden. Using names of this nature will result in removal from the server.

• Glitching is forbidden although in CIG’s opinion if you can reach an area without assistance then it is part of the game.

Note that these are a shortened list of regular server rules and more operate outside the tournament.


Cheating or hacking in any way will result in permanent ban from the CIG server for the individual caught and an automatic disqualification from the tournament for the whole team. The server will be constantly streaming to pbbans and there will be 2 judges watching the game 1 for each team during the game at all times. A team who plays with a hacker won’t be banned from future entry into CIG tournaments but will be highly scrutinized before entry is granted. If you suspect someone on the opposition is cheating contact a judge for that match and demos will be taken and a review of demos will be held after the match has finished. If you lose a match where the opposition is found to be hacking it is counted as a win to the non-hacking team.


Any questions? visit our forums at =CIG= and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have fun and good luck! We hope to make this a regular event and hope as time goes on more and more people will become interested. Looking forward to seeing you all in there.
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